Information and Photos for Indian Rocks Beach.
Pinellas County, Florida.


Indian Rocks Beach is a sleepy Beachfront community in the middle of the Pinellas Suncoast Beaches. The Beachfront is a mix of Tourism sites and residential homes. You won't find many High Rise buildings here. Most of the rentals here are Mom and Pop cottages, efficiencies, and Hotels. They also have the only RV park on the Pinellas Beaches.

The name Indian Rocks would imply "Rocks", but you won't find any on these beaches. There were at one time Indians. The City of Indian Rocks is one of the first beaches settled on the Suncoast. Some of these homes were built in the late 1800's. The Indian Rocks area also covers a small portion of the mainland including Indian Springs. (The only potable spring in Pinellas County, and is on private land.) To the North of Indian Springs on Indian Rocks Road is Anona, with a Church there built in the mid 1800's. At that time the area was almost completely Orange Groves and some cattle farms.

The Shoreline is not a hike from the Beach Access points and Hotels. As of October 1998 there is a beach renourishment project adding a few hundred yards of beach. (You can barely see the new beach in the distance in the sixth photo.) However the existing 200 or so feet of beach is preferable to me. State Road 688 connects into the center of Indian Rocks Beach, making Mainland access quick. Indian Rocks Shopping Center is less than a mile over the bridge.

If you enjoy Hunting for Sharks Teeth, you will find them here. More so than any other beach in Pinellas. You won't find any arrowheads, because they used sharks teeth instead. You will also find plenty of sea shells and even a few corals.

And some of the most famous Beach Restraunts are found on this beach. They're easy to spot, just look for the lines. And chances are when you stop at one of these restraunts, you'll be sitting next to an area resident.

(Photos taken 9am on Oct 28 1998 Copyright Steve Kinkaid)